Power outage results in online school day


Photo courtesy of Nicolas Gamache

Heavy winds downed this power pole near the north building, resulting in a loss of power and online school.

Mary Youngblut, Content Editor-in-Chief

Wednesday night a rainstorm knocked over a power line pole, causing BSM to have a power outage. As a result of that, students had online school yesterday––Thursday, October 4.

The power originally went out around 10:30 on Wednesday night. BSM’s principal, Dr. Susan Skinner, found out around 5:30 Thursday morning. “It was pretty clear that it would take most of the day to repair the electricity pole, so we made the decision to have online school at around 5:30am,” Skinner said.

Most people were pretty surprised about the day off. “We tend to think of online school as connected to weather-related issues, but we also use it for something like the power going out,” Skinner said.

Despite the school being without power for the day, the maintenance crew still set up for Grandparents’ Day, which happens today. Obviously setting up in the dark was not possible, so one member of the team brought in his generator from home so that the Great Hall could be lit. “The maintenance staff used spotlights so they could set up for Grandparents Day in the Great Hall,” Skinner said.

The power came back on around 2:30 pm, which allowed both Grandparents’ Day and after school activities to go on as planned. Skinner would like to thank everyone for their flexibility.