BSM volleyball looks for success in 2018 season


Em Paquette

Senior Caitlin Fox gets ready to serve up a win.

Luke Mathwig, Staff Writer

As the new school year begins, so does a new year of BSM Varsity Volleyball. The team is led by three captains: senior Maizy Jackson, junior Sarah Luong, and senior Allie Brooks, all of whom are excited to get the season rolling.

The preparation for this year has not changed much compared to last year, and the team expects nothing less than a winning record. Last year the team’s record was 23-3 in the regular season but lost the section championship to Hopkins. The girls started prepping for this season over the summer by participating in camps and practices, all of which helped them get to the level that they are at now. “We’re hoping to do better then we did last year; I think we could go far,” Luong said.

We’re hoping to do better then we did last year; I think we could go far

— Sarah Luong

Coming into the 2018-2019 season, the team hopes to have a successful year. One of the reasons for that are some of the goals that players have set for themselves and the team. Goals help the players mentally prepare for the season and get into the right state of mind in order to compete at their best ability. The teams goals for the season include beating two teams: Chanhassen and Chaska, both of which are strong competitors.  “I believe that by setting these goals, it will help us stay on track and accomplish these goals,” junior Sophie Dobos said.

Because of their dedication, passion, and team chemistry, the team is hoping for great success. “I’m looking forward to watching everyone improve and to hopefully become a consecutive conference champ,” junior Haley Hewitson said.