Are summer jobs worth it?


Alice Petty

Junior Winton Petty fans out cash the cash that he could’ve earned with a summer job.

Zach Zeman, Staff Writer

BSM students have just come back from summer; lots of people traveled and others spent almost everyday sleeping. The ones who were the most productive and made the most of their summer are the ones who ended up getting summer jobs.

Research says that only about 30% of teens between the ages of sixteen to nineteen get employed during the summer months. Although three months may be a short amount of time, acquiring a summer job is extremely worth it.

When deciding to get a job in the summer, the best one is the one that fits the most. Some popular jobs in the summer include being a barista, a babysitter or nanny, a movie theatre employee, an ice cream scooper, a cashier and many more. There are many different places that are willing to hire lots of employees for the summer, so it definitely isn’t a difficult task to find a likable job.

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An obvious pro of having a summer job is that students can make money. The Federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour, but (depending on your age,) you can make more than just that. Some places don’t pay $7.25 even if you work in the lowest paying position at your work. Instead of completing a season of a favorite Netflix show in about a day, teens can spread out their time, and also end up with some cash in their pocket as they do so.

The money that can easily be made could be used for a college fund or spent quickly. You won’t ever have to ask your parents for money if you want to go make a quick McDonald’s or Chick-Fil-A run.

I had the experience of getting a summer job in April of 2017 at a local grocery store in my neighborhood. A couple months in, I realized that I was making a decent amount of money from the job and that the experience was alright, so I decided to stay. Being that my restrictions in the summer were slim to none, I was available to work almost every day of the summer. I know that might sound like a lot of days, but many businesses are very flexible with the hours and days you choose to work, so you will still have plenty of time with dealing with your other priorities like sports or trips to take during the summer. If you have plenty of availability during the summer, a job is a perfect choice for you!

A summer job could possibly turn into a job you could have for a while and enjoy. If it does turn into a job you will continue to like, there are pretty good chances you could possibly make friends with many different coworkers your age. With this being said, you can definitely make plans to hang out and to go do something with a group of them as well.

A new experience is always a great one to try out, so I extremely encourage you to get a job in the summer! You will make plenty of money which is a great feeling to have, as well as make many new friends with the people you work with. Getting a summer job will make you a more organized and productive person because it will give you an opportunity to use your time wisely. This will give you the option to go spend your money however you want like just getting some fast food without having to ask anybody for money. In the end, you can be independent with your life, work as you wish, gain new responsibilities and in the meantime get some money as well. While summer is a ways away, I recommend you to start thinking of getting a summer job as soon as you can!