Seniors sign with United States Armed Forces and athletics


Morgan Williams

Seniors sat in the entryway to celebrate their signing with athletics and military service for next year.

Brielle Baker, Staff Writer

On May 16, 2018, six BSM seniors signed to enter the United States Armed Forces. These students include James Norkosky and Noah Swindle, both of whom will be attending the US Air Force Academy in Colorado; Lorenzo Cerda who will be attending the US Naval Academy; Ingrid Lundberg who will be attending Northeastern; Marley Neururer who will be enlisting in the US Air Force, and Turner Wine who will be attending the Naval Academy Prep School in Newport, Rhode Island. Also Ikenna Uguagu signed to played football at Winona State, and Liam Ford signed to play football at Northern Michigan University.

The steps to being accepted to the US Naval Academy are extensive. For instance, applicants must complete the Candidate Fitness Assessment (CFA). The assessment includes: push ups, pull ups, a mile run, a shuttle run, situps, and a kneeling basketball throw. One must also have a Congressional nomination. Cerda will be attending the US Naval Academy in July. “The way I found out I got in was Representative Eric Paulsen called me, and I got a big fancy-looking letter in the mail,” Cerda said.

Wine starts at the Naval Academy Prep School on July 23 and will remain there for 10 months. “The first three weeks are called Indoc and that is like a boot camp and then after that you start the academic year. The point of the prep school is to prepare students physically and academically so that they can do well when they get to the Naval Academy,” Turner said.

Neururer also leaves in July to start her journey with the US Air Force. “You have to get a certain score on the ASVAB to qualify, do a physical, job screening, and interview. I will be headed off to bootcamp July 31 in San Antonio, Texas for two and a half months.” Neururer said..  

At the University of Northeastern in Boston, Massachusetts Lundberg will be on a ROTC Scholarship. After four years at the university, she will have to serve four years of active duty in the US army as a commissioned officer.