Be careful, Cardi B’s album “Invasion of Privacy” is a music phenomenon

Cardi B’s first studio album has been widely successful, with multiple songs making appearances on Billboard’s hot 100 list.

Collin Pollei

Cardi B has taken the American public by force. Her first album Invasion of Privacy is a hit.

"Invasion of Privacy" Album cover, Pitchfork, Creative Commons

Cardi B has taken the American public by force. Her first album “Invasion of Privacy” is a hit.

Harry Madden, Staff Writer

American rapper Cardi B has become a music superstar this year since she released her number 1 hit song “Bodak Yellow” back in June. Since then, she has left her fans impatiently waiting for a debut album, and “Invasion of Privacy” has finally been released.

The album was released on April 6th, and it contains the three singles she previously released, “Bodak Yellow,” “Bartier Cardi,” and “Be Careful” and ten new hit tracks. The album also features many well-known and new artists like Chance the Rapper, Bad Bunny, J Balvin, Kehlani, 21 Savage, YG, and SZA.

The album hit number one on Billboard’s top 200 albums list the first week it was released, and that same week, Cardi B had a total of 13 songs on the Billboard’s hot 100 list. Her songs are continuing to dominate the charts and are showing no sign of stopping.

The album covers many different topics, and is emotional, personal, and very funny all at the same time. In her hit song, “Be Careful,” Cardi goes deep into what it felt like to be cheated on by her fiance, rapper Offset. The song is great to listen to if you’re ever in an angry mood and need to release some heavy emotions.

The song “I Like It” is arguably the most recognized track on the album that wasn’t a previously released single. It’s a more upbeat, fun song, and contains crazy beats that never gets old. Artists Bad Bunny and J Balvin appear on the track as well. The song peaked at number eight on Billboard’s hot 100 list.

Something extra special about Cardi’s album was that she teamed up with two fellow female artists, R&B singers SZA and Kehlani. It’s always fun to see collaborations between successful female artists. Both tracks that they featured on, “Ring” and “I Do” were great additions to album, both landing spots in the Billboard’s hot 100 list.