Teachers reflect on the role of technology in the classroom


Maddie Kurtovich

Teacher Zach Zimney uses technology often to teach his graphic design classes.

Sammy Deterding and Megan Olk

In recent years, the role of technology in the classroom has grown in importance. In this age of new development and innovation, schools and teachers find themselves trying to adapt to the ever-changing resources technology provides them. In a unique way, these decisions of how to best incorporate technology into the classroom will impact students’ lifelong learning.

BSM gives each student their own laptop to use so that they are able to take advantage of having all the information they could want at their fingertips. It is a tool that not only gets to be used in the classroom, but outside of it as well. Teachers at BSM take the responsibility of implementing technology into their classrooms. They find ways that they see fit to use what they have been given as a tool to help their students grow. “I think it can be a tremendous tool that can help students learn outside of the classroom,” Spanish teacher Mr. Matt McMerty-Brummer said.

Teachers use technology and apps such as Kahoot, Quizlet, Quizlet Live, Google Drive, iMovie, and Powerschool Learning. At BSM, Powerschool Learning is used daily to keep students updated on what they did in class that day, their homework for the night, and for helpful notes from their teachers.

Certain teachers take more advantage of the technology that is given to them and use it in more creative ways. “I think there are times when it can be very helpful when bringing something to life such as songs or movies that take students on a virtual field trip so they are able to see the geography and culture of Spanish speaking countries,” McMerty-Brummer said.

However, this privilege can come with the downfall of being able to get distracted. “There are students that struggle with self control and time management and technology becomes an obstacle in achieving their goals,” McMerty-Brummer said.

Technology doesn’t always have to be looked at as a distraction because it can truly be a tool that can expand an education and what a student can learn. “I think it depends on the students and their ability to self regulate,” McMerty-Brummer said.

Every department uses technology in a slightly different way. Art teacher Mr. Zach Zimny uses multiple types of technology for the different courses he teaches. “We use laptops for graphic design and I use Promethean boards to project and display different things. Pottery wheels are technology as well, just more of an old school piece of technology,” Zimny said.

Technology is becoming more and more prominent in schools everywhere, and new systems and programs are continuing to be developed. “It’s not going anywhere, it is part of the game now,” Zimny said.