Boys’ lacrosse team looks to return to State Championship


Maddie Kurtovich

Senior Captain Eric Weber whips ball on close ranged shot.

Tommy Anderson, Staff Writer

“Red Knights, Red Knights” chanted the emphatic BSM crowd as the lacrosse team headed to their first state title game in five years. A semifinal scare from the Wayzata Trojans brought a tense crowd to the relieving chant. Led by captains Quinn Ehlen, Ben Scherer, Carston Swenson, and John Stone, the Red Knight lacrosse team was back and better than before. The motto or goal of the 2017 season was to “Restore The Order”, and the Red Knights did just that. This motto came from the basis of not going to state for the past five years, an unusual streak for the team.

With two minutes remaining in the first half junior, Turner Wine came streaming across the front of the crease and whistled his shot right over the shoulder of the Eagan goalie. Just like that, BSM was up 4-2 in the state championship game, looking as good as ever. Although, the second half became a different story and unfortunately, the rest of the game didn’t play out in favor of the Red Knights. With all the success that BSM was able to achieve that season, it was uncharacteristic of them to have as much trouble as they did.

It was a run to remember for the Red Knights. Even though it didn’t end the way they wanted it to, the lacrosse team went down with a fight. “Making it to the state championship was a huge success, but the job is not complete yet,” captain Quinn Ehlen said.

The feat of making it back to the championship game for the first time in six years was a success, but they know they have to finish. “This coming season, we are playing to take home the title. I expect nothing less,” Ehlen said.

The start to the 2018 season excitement is surrounded by the youth the team brings to the table. In coach Rob Horn’s third year on the job, the level of play he’s brought in hasn’t gone unnoticed. That level of play is coming from the freshman grade. There are new numbers in lacrosse, and the program has been most definitely on the rise ever since coach Horn arrived. “The team next year will be young again, but we do have some crucial returning players that are hoping to lead the team. In addition to that, we hope to have some players step up this year that might not have played as much last year,” Ehlen said.

This coming season, we are playing to take home the title. I expect nothing less,

— Quinn Ehlen

In order to achieve the level of success that they had last year, the coaching staff and seniors plan to work hard this offseason to develop the skills of the younger and more inexperienced players so they will be ready to make an impact on the varsity level next season. The rigorous offseason work that Coach Horn has set forth for the kids is the reason behind the success of the team senior Turner Wine thinks. “Coach Horn has made the offseason work into season work,” Wine stated.

The lacrosse off-season consists of a long summer league, fall league tournaments, and dome sessions twice a week in the winter. “We’re lucky to have Coach Horn with us. He’s the best in the state,” Wine said.

Horn has been close to the program for many years, and to have him back coaching is only a blessing for BSM. “A lot of schools were eager to put Horn in their program, and to have him with us is something that you just can’t take for granted,” senior captain Eric Weber said.

Ehlen, Wine, and Weber all only have him for one more year as the seniors get ready to have one last go at the goal every lacrosse player dreams to achieve. They know what opportunity they have in front of them this season, and boy, are they excited as ever about it.