Spanish Department celebrated World Language Week

BSM’s Spanish Department allowed an opportunity for students to learn traditional dances for the cultures they usually learn about in the classroom.

Luke Coughlin, Staff Writer

As World Language Week concludes, the Spanish department recognizes the benefits from the week long celebrations.

The biggest part of World Language Week for the Spanish students was The Pulsera Project. Every Pulsera bracelet comes with the picture of the artisan who created it. The proceeds from this project are all returned to the artisan who made the bracelet as a source of income. “The Pulsera Project is an organization that works to sell bracelets to benefit artisans in Guatemala and Nicaragua,” Ms. Katy Jantscher said.

Many students also had the opportunity to listen to Spanish-speaking professionals during their lunches on Wednesday and Thursday. These professionals shared their experiences of how their cultures play a role in their working environments.

Another activity students could take part in was the Latin Social Dance Lessons during periods 7 and 8 on Friday. Dancers were invited to the school to teach students the Merengue, Salsa and other common dances in Spanish-speaking cultures.

Jantscher reflects on the week as a very positive experience for both teachers and students. “Opportunity to gain global perspective and make ourselves aware of things in our world that we may not see in our local communities. Being briefly immersed in other cultures also allows us to realize that every culture has its own beauty,” Jantscher said.

Overall, World Language Week was a very good experience for the Spanish department. “It’s fun being able to connect with your students on a more informal level and break away from the normal curriculum to try something new,” Jantscher said.