New Year’s resolutions are breaking at an alarming rate


Lauren Beh

Another student cracks and falls grip to February’s resolution pressure.

Noah Layton, Staff Writer

Every January, many people participate in the tradition of making new year’s resolutions. Every february, there are many people that look back at the resolutions they made in January realizing how fast it took for them to fail. Nothing is different at BSM. Whether your goal is to stop eating junk food, work out, or spend less time using technology, it seems as if they are all destined for failure.

One of the most common new year’s resolutions mentioned by students was to start eating better. “my new year’s resolution was to start eating healthy. Two days in I ate a whole package of marshmallow snowmen. That didn’t last very long”, BSM junior Matthew Hansberry said.

“I said i’m going to cut down on pop and that didn’t really happen. It lasted about a week and then I completely gave up on it,” BSM sophomore Nick Peterson said.

Even at school, Taher makes it hard to keep new year’s resolutions. “My goal was to only eat two taher cookies a week. I had eight the first week back from break,” BSM sophomore Nels Birkeland said.

My goal was to only eat two taher cookies a week. I had eight the first week back from break.

— Nels Birkeland

Giving up time on screens was another goal many students mentioned. “A lot of my resolutions had to do with technology. I told myself I was going to stop texting and driving. Or facetiming and driving; I do that too. I also said I was going turn my phone of at 10. Originally I said nine but then I changed it to ten but then I just didn’t care anymore and gave up,” Junior Clare Judge said.

Teachers have a hard time sticking to new year’s resolutions too. “My new year’s resolution was to get on my treadmill for 5 minutes a day, but with a sick husband and two sick kids, that has only happened once so far,” BSM math teacher Ms. Rosalie Goldberg said.

Some people have realized that making new year’s resolutions is just a waste of time and have given up completely. “I don’t make new year’s resolutions because it is just setting myself up for failure. I have broken my new year’s resolutions so many times I just don’t do it anymore,” BSM english teacher Ms. Callianne Olson said.

There is always hope, but changing nothing is easy. Why try and get more sleep when there is a new season of Stranger Things. But here’s a tip: with all of the failed resolutions, everyone should just say that their resolution is to break all of their other ones. If you do that then at least one of your resolutions will be true.