Five underrated Minneapolis restaurants reign supreme

Minneapolis has many underrated restaurants and diners that serve an assortment of different food.


Ginny Lyons

Hello Pizza is a great dining option in Minneapolis.

Vivian Shinall, Student Life Editor

The city of Minneapolis is home to a diverse population, made up of many different, smaller towns and boroughs. From this unique blend of cultures and environments, it’s expected that Minneapolis is a hotspot for on-trend cuisine. Sure, there are the tried-and-true classics: Crave, Chino Latino, and Black Coffee and Waffle Bar, but there are many unique, hole-in-the-wall restaurants that are often overlooked when considering the best places to eat in Minneapolis. So, grab some friends and try one of these underrated Minneapolis eats.

  1. Naviya’s Thai Brasserie
    1. Located in the Linden Hills area of Minneapolis, this small restaurant packs a big punch with its unique flavors. Specializing in traditional Thai cuisine, Naviya’s offers favorites like Pad Thai, Spring Rolls, and Massaman Curry, while offering more unique flavors in dishes like its Sweet Holy Basil Supreme, a blend of stir fried vegetables with an option of a protein addition. Naviya’s never fails to disappoint with its fresh and organic food and great service.
  2. Tiny Diner
    1. From the outside, Tiny Diner seems more like an eclectic garden store than it does a restaurant: complete with a lush garden and a solar panel roof that covers an expanse of outdoor seating. Don’t be fooled, though; Inside lies a bustling yet cozy ambiance with stellar options for breakfast and lunch. A cross between the classic American diner and hipster brunch joint, Tiny Diner specializes in well-crafted classics like its Ham & Cheddar Omelet, while also offering more outside-the-box options like its Spinach and Walnut Burger.
  3. Quang Restaurant
    1. It’s easy to tell that Quang is the real deal just by walking inside, numerous awards adorn the walls of its entryway. One meal at this place, though, and it’s clear that these awards are well-deserved. Located on the famed Nicollet “Eat Street,” Quang serves classic Vietnamese flavors. There really is something for everyone here. Feeling cold? A hearty serving of pho––a traditional noodle soup––will quickly provide much-needed warmth. In the mood for something lighter? The vietnamese noodle salads provide a sweet and fresh option that always hits the spot. A pro tip from a Quang veteran: when ordering the pho with beef, have the beef brought out raw to cook it yourself in the broth, just make sure to leave it in until it’s done!
  4. Burch Steak
    1. A more upscale option, Burch Steak offers what is arguably one of the best meals in Minneapolis. Burch offers both a candlelit, fine dining experience upstairs, and a pizza bar and a more relaxed atmosphere downstairs. Some of Burch’s best dinner offerings include its hanger steak, fresh oysters, broccolini, and seared scallops. For those not dissuaded by a bigger price, Burch is the perfect place to have a nice meal.
  5. Hello Pizza
    1. Hello Pizza is hard to miss, its glowing “HELLO” signage clearly welcomes its visitors at first sight. Offering hand-crafted pizzas for dine-in or take-out, it’s a great place to have a casual lunch or dinner. The restaurant has a notably quirky-chic theme, offering its visitors a photo booth to take pictures and hang them up on the walls inside. Although all of its pizzas have the same great quality and flavors, some fan-favorites include its Hello Trinity, Sicilian, and Meatball Ricotta pizzas.