The Disaster Artist touches audiences with its hilarious and sincere true story

The Franco brothers star in the popular movie “The Disaster Artist”.

Ian Mathison, Staff Writer

Witty and heartfelt, The Disaster Artist beautifully tales the true story of the making of one of the most influential and worst movies to ever reach theaters: The Room. The story of The Disaster Artist follows two unlikely friends who decide to make their own full length movie when their acting careers fail.

Lead by spectacular performances from brothers James and Dave Franco as Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero, the story of The Disaster Artist follows two unlikely friends who decide to make their own full length movie when their acting careers fail. The Franco brothers aren’t the only award worthy performances- the entire cast doesn’t fail to amaze.

The hilarity throughout the film is unmatched. Seth Rogen and Paul Scheer as Sandy and Raphael (members of the production crew) feed off of each others’ humor throughout the movie helping to make it uproariously funny. When Tommy finally films his first scene, everyone, including Sandy and Raphael, realize that he has absolutely no talent in acting. They hysterically take over 50 takes to film one scene while Sandy and Raphael have visibly had enough of Tommy’s authority.

Although recently accused of sexual assault, James Franco’s almost unbelievably accurate recreation of Wiseau’s accent makes it hard to take what he says seriously. As odd as it was, Franco clearly embraced his role as Tommy. The very first scene of the movie ends with Tommy on the ground in front of an acting class, groaning and making noises. This scene beautifully sets up just how unique and strange Tommy is and demonstrates Franco’s ability to bring this to viewers.

Real human elements make the film emotionally riveting and easy to believe. Being that this film is based off of a true story, the audience is touched by the relationship and bond that is built through the movie. It becomes apparent that Greg is fed up with Tommy and the movie, and they have a fight. The making of The Room, as bad as it was, ripped the two friends apart.

The falling out is set up perfectly by bringing the audience into the relationship between the two, and it becomes heartbreaking to see two best friends lose each other as they do. When the movie is released and is seen as unintentionally comedic rather than dramatic, Tommy is uplifted from his devastation by his former best friend, and the two are able to reunite once again. Their friendship is both destroyed and reborn thanks to the disaster that was the movie they made. The film ends with a beautiful shot: Tommy and Greg embracing each other, wide smiles across their faces, looking at the audience.

The Disaster Artist will not fail to make anyone cry laughing, and it is not afraid to put its witty nature aside to touch the hearts of viewers, showing real human elements of the movie industry.