Frida’s Finals Field Guide

Frida Fortier, Staff Writer

Christmas Break is all fun and games until you go back to school and it hits you: finals. As students, finals are something we all dread, but if you follow these tips you might just make it through unscathed.  

  1. First things first, start studying early––This may sound cliche, but it does work. If you start studying ahead of schedule, it gets you ahead of the game and minimizes cramming and procrastination.
  2. Get organized––Before you start studying, print off your study guides and get all of your notes together. Go through your notes and figure out what’s important and what isn’t. It can also be helpful to organize your workspace and put away distractions to help guarantee a good study atmosphere.
  3. Switch up where you study––Personally, I find that after 30 minutes of studying in my room, I get bored. Try heading over to coffee shop or library to help yourself focus and ensure no distractions.  
  4. Stay well-rested––Even though you may find yourself wanting to cram all night studying, it’s still important to get a good night sleep. Prioritize your time well and make sure sleeping is on your schedule.
  5. Eat well and stay hydrated––It’s key to keep yourself energized during this time and that can come from a good source of food and lots of water.
  6. Try to make it fun––Although it may seem nearly impossible to try to make finals fun, try to keep an open mind. Give yourself rewards like candy or Netflix time for completing a certain task or studying for certain amount of time, or try creating acronyms or making a study game.
  7. Take breaks––Make sure to take breaks every once in awhile while studying. You won’t be able to memorize and learn all the material at once, so make sure to balance out your studying and take time to relax.