Chef Wheezy bakes whoopie pies with students

Seven students were invited to bake whoopie pies with Chef Kamika Wheezy.

Henry Witterschein, Sports Editor


One of BSM’s own chefs invited students to bake with her. On December 6th, Chef Kamika Wheezy hosted a whoopie pie baking class after school. Seven students and two other chefs showed up to the kitchen at 2:45, where Wheezy had printed out three different whoopie pie recipes for the students to prepare (double chocolate, eggnog, and pumpkin). While she was getting the kitchen utensils ready the seven students washed their hands and put their aprons on. 

Students were then given the recipe and were told to follow the instructions. They started out by making the cake batter for the double chocolate pies. After finishing the batter, they had to scoop it out onto a tray and make sure they had an even amount of cakes. While the students were doing this, Wheezy explained to them why she loved making whoopie pies. They were originally from her home state of Pennsylvania, even though Maine also claims the cakes as their own.

Then, the students put the cakes in the oven for six minutes. While the double chocolate cakes were baking, four of the students started making the filling for the chocolate, and the other three students started working on the eggnog batter. This process continued with four students working on the frosting and three working on the batter for the pumpkin cakes as well. “It is always very helpful when the kids help out,” Chef Louise said.

After the cakes and filling were made, the cakes had to cool off for about ten minutes, otherwise the filling would melt. Then, students were able to put the cakes together like a sandwich with the frosting in between. Once the pies were put together, the students decorated the whoopie pies by rolling them in sprinkles, before eating them. “The chocolate pies were definitely my favorite,” sophomore Jordan Stanke said.

There has already been discussion in the kitchen about doing another baking or cooking event, future workshops could be making omelettes or soup. Either way, another episode of “kids in the kitchen” will happen soon. “Kids in the kitchen was a great success,” Wheezy said.