BSM’s table tennis team gears up for another season


Ginny Lyons

BSM’s table tennis team is looking forward to another competitive season.

Truman Kinne, Staff Writer

The 2017-2018 table tennis team is gearing up for another competitive season. The team is led by senior captains Noah Swindlehurst and Henry Koch, while Guy (Rakpong) Peerepong–who has played competitively in Thailand–also contributes greatly to the team’s success. 

Table tennis isn’t the primary sport for most of the athletes on the team. The team’s camaraderie between all the different grade-levels allows a unique bond to form. “It’s definitely not a major sport for me, but it’s something that keeps the energy level up. It’s always fun to go out with the boys and rally,” Swindlehurst said.

As one of the few seniors on the team, and one of only two captains, Swindlehurst takes on an important leadership role. With a team comprised of mostly underclassmen, Swindlehurst believes he can actively lead at and away from the table. “I think that encouraging other people during matches is very important; it helps a lot when you have your teammates watching you and cheering you on,” Swindlehurst said.

Peerepong leads by example as someone whose skill is unrivaled.  Peerepong is from Bangkok, Thailand–home to one of the most competitive table tennis atmospheres in the world.  As someone who’s played for years, he recognized a big difference in competition between Americans and Thailand. “It’s kind of a big deal in Thailand, so a lot Americans aren’t as good. It’s a lot better in Thailand,” Peerepong said.

In past years, the team has come up short of reaching the State tournament. As a team that dedicates so much time to practice, it has been very frustrating to not place in past tournaments. Swindlehurst has high expectations for this season, though. “I think we have the talent and support from our coach, Mr. Hansen, to get 3rd in state.  We came up short two years ago and got 4th place––I really think we can do better this year,” Swindlehurst said. 

Senior captain Henry Koch has played table tennis all four years at BSM, through good times and bad. Koch looks to end his ping pong career on top. “Last year we suffered a tough defeat against Orono in the state quarterfinals. Hopefully this year, we can make it back to the semis, and find a spot on the podium,” said Koch.

No one knows what to expect from the team this season; but it’s clear that the seniors are driven to be successful in their final year. The State Tournament takes place in early February, and the team is ready to claim a position in one of the top three spots.