BSM students travel to unique locations during Christmas break

Aspen Konowalchuk, Staff Writer

The holiday season is often tied to time spent at home with family. While many students may drive a few hours to reach their families, Christmas gatherings are not often too far from home. However, some families decide to spend their break differently, traveling to unique destinations while still enjoying the celebration the season provides.

Sophomore Nicole Miller is traveling to Italy for break. Her family will be traveling together there for the first time. While she’s there, she will be visiting two different destinations. “We are going to Rome, and the Amalfi coast… I’m most excited about going to the Amalfi coast because it’s really pretty,” Miller said.

Miller will be there for ten days, and on Christmas she will attend Mass at the Vatican. The Vatican is one of the most special places to go for Christmas, as the Church puts on a full celebration for Christmas, with a massive tree in front. Aside from the Vatican, Rome as a whole tends to be as decorative as possible during Christmas time.

Freshman Edward Shea is spending his holiday break out of the country as well, but his destination will be tropical Mexico. “[My family chose this destination for the] nice beaches and the warm weather,” Shea said.

While he is there, he plans to participate in a variety of activities. “[I will be] swimming, fishing, and buying fridge magnets,” Shea said. 

While sophomore Benjamin Ragland is not traveling outside the country, he will still be spending his break away from home. His trip will consist of skiing in Vermont at the Okemo Ski resort and touring colleges in Boston, Massachusetts. He will be touring Boston College, Boston University and MIT. “I’m most excited to see Boston College” Ragland, who is planning to celebrate Christmas with his immediate family and other family members from Boston, said.