Junior High reboots their newspaper


Ginny Lyons

The Knight Cavalier is BSM’s junior high newspaper.

Brady Solomon, Staff Writer

The Knight Errant, BSM’s award-winning senior high newspaper, has been an important part of the school’s community for years. However, not many people are aware that the junior high has a newspaper of their own––the Knight Cavalier.

Like the Knight Errant, the Knight Cavalier is almost entirely student-written, but there are a few key differences between the two. The Knight Cavalier is staffed by students who volunteer for it as an extracurricular activity instead of as a class during school. Another difference is that members for the Knight Cavalier meet once a week, while the Knight Errant staff meets four times a week.

Staff writers for the Knight Cavalier are expected to write at least one story each quarter. They brainstorm and choose stories themselves, occasionally performing interviews or doing other research for their articles. Once an article is written, it is edited by an advisor, and revised by the student before being published online.

The Knight Cavalier’s advisors are Mr. Daniel Sylvester and Mr. Greg Hoemke. Their job is primarily to help students stay on track, providing story ideas and editing articles. “We moderate lunchtime meetings where students come in and we do a weekly check-in with them,” Hoemke said.

We modelled [the Knight Cavalier] very much on the Knight Errant, so our sections are similar to the same.

— Dan Sylvester

The newspaper has similar sections to its senior counterpart, such as news, features, opinions and sports. There are also dedicated sections for student and teacher profiles and reviews. “We modelled [the Knight Cavalier] very much on the Knight Errant, so our sections are similar to the same,” Sylvester said.

Three years ago, the Knight Cavalier was changed from a printed publication to a website online. The site, which was created using the same software as the Knight Errant’s, can be found at bsmknightcavalier.org.

Students in 7th or 8th grade are given an opportunity to join at the beginning of the year by attending a meeting. New members can still join later by talking to either of the advisors.