The best decision the school has ever made


Lauren Beh

The old wellness sign-in sheet didn’t tell the administration where the student was––it just said that the student was near the sheet once (or at least their friend who signed them in was) and then they could have been anywhere in the school. Even this hallway.

Henry Quant, Varsity Writer

Signing in for wellness was a struggle. It was a hassle. It was a pain in the rear. Signing in for wellness was one of the most challenging parts of last year. Taking the time to walk across the building just to walk all the way back was, in a word, unnecessary.

Whenever I asked why I need to sign in, I would always get the same response: so the school knows where I am. What? Just because I signed in doesn’t make me there. I could have signed in and left. I could’ve showed up at the last minute and signed in. I could’ve had someone else sign in for me. Just because my name is on a sheet, doesn’t mean that I, personally, signed in that day, or ever.

There are only so many places a student can go during free hour. If the school really needed to know where someone was, they could have looked. The sheet didn’t tell them that where the student was, it just says that the student was near the sheet once (or at least their friend who signed them in was).

Indeed, there were multiple flaws with the process of signing in, but I was also bad at it. I got multiple detentions last year because I never signed in. Not because I didn’t care, but because I just simply forgot. Every day, I would go from science, walk about twenty feet, and then sit down in the gym. I wouldn’t walk all the way to the library, sign in, and then walk all the way back.

At the end of the year, I had to talk to the dean every day because I forgot to sign in; the detentions piled up. At this point, however, I really didn’t care because the year was ending, and I needed a place to work without distractions.

This year, the administration took out the wellness sign-in policy. Now we just simply don’t have to sign in, which in my opinion, is one of the best decisions the school has made since I started.