Staff Ed: Encouraging healthy discussion in the school is essential for progress

In room 153 on a block day, desks form a cluttered circle; we, the Knight Errant editors, talk across the room; messy handwriting scrawls over the whiteboard; and our advisor eerily watches us from a distance as we try to survive the miserable heat that plagues the English classrooms. Most people would probably be unaware of what we are doing. However, for us on the Editorial Board, we know this scene all too well: Staff Editorial Day.

Before each print edition is released, the editors of Knight Errant spend an entire block period to discuss what are our staff editorial will be. After throwing out numerous potential topics, we whittle down our topics one by one through many rounds of discussions and votes. Finally, we hold one last vote where the final topic gets selected.

Although this process may seem grueling, and it definitely can be, the editors value the important discussions that we have during these staff editorial days. Whenever we’re discussing a topic (controversial or otherwise), we encourage all editors to voice their opinions and viewpoints so that our discussions can have multiple perspectives on hand. This leads us to write a more well-rounded staff editorial.

Not only do we value the importance of all viewpoints within our staff editorial, we also value it in all of our publications. In order to deliver the most accurate and unbiased news to the BSM community, all viewpoints and factual information must be accounted for when we publish a story. We want our news stories to inform our community about the state of the school. In order to do this, all perspectives are taken into account so that we can provide high-quality journalism to our readers.

Furthermore, the Knight Errant strives to provide a platform where all voices can be heard. Any individual on the staff can choose to write opinions that is solely their own. When writing opinion pieces, writers are expected to either research or evaluate different perspectives on the issue at hand; that way, they’ll be able to develop their opinions and write them based on factual knowledge.

All stories written for the Knight Errant are meant to foster discussion within our community. The staff values the importance of fostering discussions rather than hostile commentary be- cause reasoned and respectful arguments can lead to progress within our society.

When people choose to attack or ignore those with different opinions instead of listening, it creates a world filled with ignorance as opposed to understanding. However, by having discussions with other people, everyone can see different perspectives on different issues, and that will hopefully lead to resolutions instead of ongoing hostility.

The editors hope that all of our stories will help to aid positive discussion throughout the BSM community. If anyone feels a viewpoint is being misrepresented in our stories, we encourage you to submit your opinions using the Letter to the Editor page on the Knight Errant website.