Senior transfer students share their experiences as new members of BSM


Ginny Lyons

Seniors Kay Franzese, Jessica Hill, and Anna Keller are all new students at BSM this year.

With homework, extracurriculars, and college looming ahead, the life of a high school senior is never easy. All of these struggles are heightened for BSM’s few incoming senior transfer students. Incoming seniors Jessica Hill, Anna Keller, and Kay Franzese share their struggles associated with being a new upperclassman.

Kay Franzese hails from from Monmouth Beach, New Jersey. In New Jersey, she was involved in soccer, Mock Trial, and the Environmental Club. At BSM she hopes to be just as busy. She is already involved in soccer, but has not yet decided what other extracurriculars she will be partake in. “Making new friends has been hard,” Franzese said. In spite of this, she had a few people who took her under their wing, and they helped her learn the ropes of BSM. 

Anna Keller recently moved to Minnesota from Texas. Similarly to Franzese, Keller found a BSM guide in fellow Texan, Landry Elman. “She’s been really helpful getting me to all my classes, and she’s been super helpful and super welcoming,” Keller said. Initially, Keller had feared not knowing anyone, but since, she’s been able to become a full member of the BSM community.

Jessica Hill is initially from Georgia, where she was part of her school’s tennis team, cheer squad, and student government. The hardest part of coming to BSM for Hill has been the new atmosphere. “I’m just getting used to everything and getting to know new people,” Hill said. 

Being a senior at BSM is in itself a trying experience, but for new senior transfer students, it can be an even more turbulent experience. Although it was difficult, each of these new seniors have managed to find a fit within the BSM community.