Senior Michelle Wyley can play five instruments

While many may not know it, Michelle Wyley is a talented musician who can play multiple instruments.

Harry Madden, Writer

Morgan Williams
Michelle Wyley demonstrates her ability to play piano.

In order to play an instrument, one must have time, patience, and commitment. For senior Michelle Wyley, playing five instruments has been a challenge she has devoted herself to throughout her elementary and high school years.

Wyley was forced to play the recorder in 3rd grade for her elementary school’s music class. However, for Wyley, this moment would mark the beginning of her journey as a musician.

In 4th grade, she started taking piano lessons at home, and began playing the clarinet for band. For Wyley, it was difficult to stay completely committed to just one instrument. “I basically started to get bored with certain instruments and move onto the next,” Wyley said. By 9th grade, Wyley knew how to play the recorder, clarinet, piano, violin, and guitar. “The violin is probably my favorite instrument because of it’s unique sound and how the strings sound,” Wyley said.

Throughout Wyley’s years of music playing she has never played more than 3 instruments at one time. She quit taking piano lessons and dropped the violin in orchestra to move onto other instruments. Wyley later taught herself the guitar, and can play multiple songs.

The violin is probably my favorite instrument because of it’s unique sound and how the strings sound.

— Michelle Wyley

The biggest motivator for Wyley throughout her years of playing music has been her mom. “[My] mom majored as a teacher and she loves music, so she was kind of the one who encouraged me to do it. Once I started, I kept wanting to play more,” Wyley said.

Although Wyley has sacrificed much of her time towards music, she is still very grateful she did. “It has made me appreciate all kinds kinds of music, and I don’t just listen to one genre,” Wyley said. Wyley is not planning on playing music for college or as a career, she doesn’t want to let go of any of her instruments, and plans on practicing and playing them for the rest of her life.