From Taher to Delivery: Pizza in Minneapolis

This review is a little cheesy.

From Taher to Delivery: Pizza in Minneapolis

Gus Beringer, Staff Writer

The best food in the world is without a doubt, pizza. The variety in taste and style creates not just a great food, but a great lifestyle. While I acknowledge that pizza can be better with topping—including pineapple—I felt that due to heavy variation in topic selection and quality; the most unbiased comparison would be made if I only ate cheese pizza.    

Taher Cheese Pizza 5/10
I’m not going to claim that Taher Pizza is the best pizza in the world—it’s not. But what Taher pizza offers is safety. Whenever I’m having a bad day, I can always count on Taher to provide me with a good enough slice of pizza to get me through the day..The deciding factors that hold Taher pizza back is the subpar cheese and the consistent lack of sauce. As a pizza enthusiast I’m never expecting the top tier quality pizza, but every lunch Taher regularly provides good enough quality pizza.

Dominos 3/10
Saying that I’m not a fan of Domino’s would be an understatement. The cheese is subpar and the crust is not the professional quality that I expect from a billion dollar establishment. The sauce (or lack thereof) is of extremely poor quality. Domino’s pizza has such a distinct smell that using your nose alone can give you a stomach ache. While I avoid Domino’s pizza when I have the choice, I love pizza too much to leave it on the table.  

Costco Pizza 10/10
The alternative name for Costco pizza is called “pizza heaven.” When you first order Costco pizza, the most impressive thing initially is the size. Just one slice could feed an entire family of five. A single bite of pizza will embark you on a journey. The sauce is Michelin star quality. The cheese is amazing. The crust is the perfect combination of crispy and chewy. I want my final resting place to be covered in Costco Pizza.

Little Caesars 6/10
I was pleasantly surprised by Little Caesar’s pizza. The sauce is good quality and I was taken aback by their cheese. While still not professional quality, Little Caesars’ was much more impressive than it’s annoying advertisements. The “mouth feel” of the pizza is probably its best feature. I wouldn’t actively seek out Little Caesar’s but it is definitely worth eating.