Students create another award-winning video


Sophomore John Landry and senior Joey Simpson submitted a video to the John Stossel Tech Revolution Video Contest, winning $700 for their videography.

Gus Beringer, Staff Writer

Sophomore John Landry and senior Joey Simpson received second place and $700 in the John Stossel Tech Revolution Video Contest. High school and college-aged contestants were asked to make a 1-3 minute long video responding to the prompt: “Technological innovation has changed our lives, mostly for the better. But some innovation raises safety questions. Some threatens existing businesses. What should America do about that?” The submissions were judged on their “creativity, originality, message, production quality, and overall presentation.”

Simpson and Landry wrote and directed a video addressing the rise of drones in everyday life and business. The video criticizes the U.S. government for “holding back” drone technology by not granting companies, like UPS and Amazon, access to drone airspace. The winners were unsure of what they will do with the reward money. “We’ll probably save it; we don’t have plans to jump on [using the money] right away,” Landry said.