Punch Bowl Social is the best “social” hangout at West End


Ginny Lyons

Punch Bowl Social, conveniently located at West End, provides patrons an interesting experience that they cannot find anywhere else.

Punch Bowl Social is an upbeat, modern restaurant located on the edge of West End in St. Louis Park. They strive to create an environment that allows customers to truly be themselves. Day after day of the same routine gets extremely old, but Punch Bowl Social is a place where dress codes and responsibilities are thrown out the window.

Diners enter through the front doors below the large red and orange letters and are immediately embraced by the high tempo atmosphere. Punch Bowl Social is a large venue that has a surplus of activities for everyone. The decor includes great art pieces, lounges, and intimate dining areas to karaoke rooms in repurposed shipping containers, to darts, bowling and more.

Even with the crazy amount of people and noise all around, the staff manages to keep calm and serve in an organized and timely manner.”

— Grace Pelsuo

The front of the building is filled with several different seating options. Punch Bowl Social has enormous booths next to a hectic bar for those looking for an upbeat busy atmosphere, or a dimly lit middle section that is also filled with booths and some intimate tables for a more relaxing experience.

When dining, patrons are given a wide variety of options, guaranteeing there is something for everyone. Hugh, a Canadian chef and Punch Bowl Social’s culinary partner, developed his own style of cuisine that combines both the wonders of Southern cooking with the flavor and style of European cuisine. If patrons are looking for a place to enjoy typical American burgers, pizza, and chicken, Punch Bowl Social is not the ideal restaurant. Their breakfast, lunch and dinner menus put taste buds to the test.

One of their most popular and traditional dishes is the Knockoff Burger, which has two grass-fed hormone free patties topped with lettuce, pickled onions and their special comeback sauce stuffed in a sesame bun. One of their more popular and unique dishes include the Charred Japanese Eggplant Ciabatta, which has burrata cheese, tomato, black eyed pea hummus, pickled chiles and kettle chips. They also have drinks for what they call their “Old School,” “New School,” and even “Preschool” customers, but they are most known for their outstanding punch and milkshakes.

Though it can be hard to choose a dish and beverage from the stacked menu, the Punch Bowl Social staff is very informed and able to answer just about any question people may have. They welcome with a smile, making sure that everyone is comfortable and has what they need. Even with the crazy amount of people and noise all around, the staff manages to keep calm and serve in an organized and timely manner.