Where to park in the BSM parking lot

Riley O’Connor give seniors, staff, and the juniors who sneak into the senior lot a definitive guide of how to navigate BSM’s concrete jungle.


Alyssa Brinza

Cars! This is what parks in our parking lot. Who knew!?

Riley O'Connor, Staff Writer

The BSM parking lot holds years of history within it, dating back to when Ms. Shea roamed the halls as a student, and even farther back than that—if that’s possible. This lot is handed down to each senior class at the end of the year and remains to be one of the most complex areas of the school we have.

The reason the hype around this concrete jungle is so heavy is because of the different locations one has the freedom to choose as their designated spot for the day, week, month, or year.

There is no question that a number of students have parked in the same spot every day for the entire year, and it always draws tension when they show up to see a different vehicle in that space. BSM senior students can become extremely attached to their significant spot, and some even arrive at school extra early to ensure their car is safe there.

The worst spot of all though, the one every student dreads of getting, is the puddle jumper. 

— Riley O'Connor

The lot is split by the road that brings the carpool drivers to the front of the school to be dropped off. The right side, which is closest to the baseball field and turf is home to most of the students. The left side, closest to the Haben Center is an extremely sought after area.

The right side is a good place to reside if you are an athlete, especially the front couple rows. It allows the students who have practice after school to stop at their car on their way to grab their equipment, water bottle, or a change of clothes. The right side definitely has the advantage over the left in that it is larger and less cluttered than the right.

The left side is known as the elite side because it belongs to faculty and staff, auction winners, handicap spots, and the students lucky enough to own a space for the day. It has direct access to the Haben Center weight room and is great for getting out onto the roads quickly if you’re in a rush.

The worst spot of all, though, the one every student dreads of getting, is the puddle jumper. This evil twisted parking space was cursed with a slope in the concrete, resulting in it almost always being filled with water, snow, or ice. Whoever is brave enough to keep their car there has the pleasure of having to jump into and out of their vehicle with fear of hitting feet to the pool.

These are things each senior is fortunate enough to learn as they first begin to find their way within the BSM parking lot. It is always a shame when someone of a younger grade is caught out of their assigned parking lot and found in the main lot. The seniors wait patiently for their time to shine, and ask that the younger students do too! May the parking lot continue to reign for as long as it may live.