Students celebrate March Madness Week with dodgeball tournament


Ginny Lyons

A new addition to March Madness Week was the dodgeball tournament, in which students formed teams and competed against each other. The proceeds from the registration fee went to Pennies for Patients, an organization that funds research on blood cancer.

Emily Platt and Lauren Chevalier

Jordan Sims, Staff Writer

As a part of BSM’s March Madness tradition, many students are looking forward to the annual student-teacher basketball game on Friday. This year, a new addition was added to the week’s festivities. Wednesday night, students participated in a dodgeball tournament hosted by the student council.

The tournament was a fundraiser for an organization chosen by student council that collects pennies and other spare change from elementary, middle school and high school students to donate towards blood cancer research. “The tournament is a fundraiser for Pennies for Patients, which is an organization that donates to research for blood cancer, as well as helps families who have children who have blood cancer,” said student council member Amira Stone.

Student council members had been working on a way to fundraise for this charity since the beginning of the year. This event gave students a chance to get competitive and play against their classmates while raising money for an important cause. “This is the first time we are doing it, and we hope it goes well and can be something we can continue in the future,” senior high English teacher Ms. Kaia Preus said.