Top five throwback trends resurface at BSM

Fashion trends have their ways of becoming very popular and then slowly fading out, and then coming back into style years later. There are many fashion trends that have influenced the style of BSM students in the past, and now some of these very same trends are making a comeback.


Ashley Ortizcazarin

Senior Lucy Scherer models the top five back in trends at BSM.

Lucy Scherer, Staff Writer

1. Bomber Jackets

The bomber jacket, otherwise known as the MA-1 flight jacket, was created in the 1950’s. Its original purpose was for military use to keep pilots safe and comfortable. Made to replace fleece-lined leather jackets for pilots, they became a fashion piece in the 80’s and were featured in many magazines. Now people wear bomber jackets all over the world, especially in Japan, Europe, Australia, and here in the U.S.

People like them not only for their style, but also for the warmth. Bomber jackets can be very practical in Minnesota and are more stylish than a puffy jacket pulled out of storage every winter. Typical bomber jacket colors include green and black, along with fun colors like navy, mauve pink, and other unique patterns Some popular places to buy bomber jackets include Topshop, Asos, Nordstrom, and Misguided. The prices range from around $15-$200, but it is very easy to find a quality bomber jacket at a reasonable price. At BSM many girls wear bomber jackets as their winter coats or every day at school. Additionally, more and more boys are also starting to wear them.

2. Chokers

Either you’re a fan of the choker or you hate it. A choker is a taut necklace that latches tightly against your neck in a cuffing style. Some people would say it actually “chokes you.” At the beginning of the 19th century, they were first used as political dress during the French revolution. Later in this century they were worn mostly by ballerinas, royals, and the socially elite. Chokers made a huge comeback and were worn by almost everyone, especially famous singers, dancers, actors, and models.

They lost their spark for a while but now within the past year have started to make their way back again. Velvet, leather, and jeweled chokers seem to be the most popular. You can find chokers almost anywhere but common places are Ragstock, Target, Nordstrom, or Free People. The price range is $0 to around $100 or higher because it is very easy to make chokers with household items and they can be very expensive, especially when they are jeweled. Many girls have started to wear chokers this year, especially people who aren’t afraid to make a statement or take a risk.

3. Denim/Suede Mini Skirts

Besides bell bottom and flare jeans,  Denim and Suede mini skirts were easily one of the biggest trends in the 60’s and 70’s. They were largely worn on popular TV shows such as “That 70’s show” and “The Brady Bunch.” These skirts weren’t just a trend, they were a clothing staple that every girl had in her closet. Now popular styles of these skirts include button up, zip up the back, skirts with front or back pockets, or even fringe.

They can be found at many retail stores such as Target, Nordstrom, or Madewell. The price range is $10-$1000, very wide for this depending on desired quality (fake or real suede). Even though it is hard to wear these skirts to school, because most of them break dress-code, some students still find ways to wear them to mass or every day.

4. Adidas/Stan Smith Originals

The Stan Smith Adidas shoe was first designed to be a tennis shoe in the 70’s. Adidas asked Stan Smith, a famous tennis player, to endorse this shoe. It was originally called the Halliet shoe, and the shoe was widely popular from the 70’s to 2000’s. It had sold over 22 million pairs by 1988 which was a Guinness World Record. They started to lose popularity in the beginning of the 21st century and Adidas decided to stop selling them. However, in 2014 Adidas brought the Stan Smith shoe back giving a customizable option.

Since then the shoe has gradually become more and more popular. Some people compare it to having the same versatility as the converse “all star” brand. These shoes are most popular in white with black or navy detailing, but there are also many different options like red, snakeskin, and others to choose from. Adidas sells the shoes but other stores like Finish Line, Nordstrom, Urban outfitters, and Footlocker sell them as well. The price range is about $65-$120 depending on the material used. At BSM, many people can be seen wearing these, girls and even boys. It seems like a lot of girls are switching out their white converse All-Stars for Stan Smiths.

5. Turtlenecks

A classic clothing piece, the turtleneck was first worn by English polo players in the 1860’s and then Noel Coward turned them into an every day trend in the 1920’s. Later, feminists led this to become a unisex piece of clothing. Many wore the turtleneck instead of a tie; this became known as informal-formal wear. Another rendition of the turtle neck would be the more loose fit mock or cowl turtleneck. Though this trend has never gone completely out of style, it is getting more and more popular especially this fall and winter.

It is one of the most basic items of clothing a person can have, especially here in the Minnesota cold. It is perfect for layering, comfort, and warmth. On the other hand, with something not as practical for this weather, a new trendier version would be the sleeveless turtleneck. Although these can still be worn in cold climate with an undershirt or jacket, this sleeveless option is more favorably worn in warmer seasons. They can be bought in t-shirt, wool, sweater, or any material.

Almost any store will have a turtleneck of some kind. Some common stores would be Target, Ragstock, Macy’s, etc. Price range is huge and starts at around $5-n/a. At BSM people have always worn turtlenecks, but more and more people are starting to, including more boys.