Senior organizes for change with NAACP


Ginny Lyons

As a member of the NAACP, Senior Zip Kaffey believes that both strength in numbers as well as the power of the individual can help bring about equality.

Senior Zip Kaffey is trying to spread a positive message over Minneapolis by being involved in the NAACP. She joined the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People this past summer and is involved in the rallies and movements that strive for establishing justice and ensuring that the rights of colored people are protected.

Kaffey always knew about the NAACP, but she never expected to join. As she got older, she learned more about herself and her personal values, inspiring her to join. “I started figuring out my passions and that is when I started to become more involved in movements as I needed a way to share my interests and passions with other people,” Kaffey said.

The NAACP is an huge organization that has been around for decades. Even though it is a big group filled with many people, it truly focuses on what one person can do to impact society. “Whenever there are events and meetings, I try to attend, but I think a huge part of the NAACP is having that individual aspect, just what you do personally in your life to promote the protection of rights for the people of color,” Kaffey said.

The NAACP, through individual and group work, has been fighting for the rights of all people for years. “Lots of people think that it is only for African Americans because that is primarily the population of the NAACP, but it is for all people of color,” Kaffey said.

One of the main values regarding the NAACP is equality and equal rights. “[We fight for] equality for all because sadly our country was built on systems of oppression. Minorities are often discriminated against, and we’re pushing for equality and the protection of our rights because civil rights are rights for everyone,” Kaffey said.

Along with equality, the NAACP fights for justice for all. “Martin Luther King Jr. said ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,’ so we’re fighting for justice because, if there are injustices against minorities, you bet they’re a threat to justice everywhere,” Kaffey said.

Kaffey is a passionate and strong woman, and through the NAACP, she can express and shape herself along with her values. “It is great to congregate with people who have common interests and passions to you,” Kaffey said.

The NAACP is an organization dedicated to inspiring the colored youth of today and reaching equality for all. “They host events to bring the community together, and there are ways you can donate to the NAACP. There is a plethora of different ways you can be involved,” Kaffey said.