Senior pursues his passion for cooking through culinary school

Senior Lukas Freund has found his passion in cooking. He plans to pursue a career as a chef through applying to The Culinary Institute of America.


Amira Carter

Lukas Freund works two jobs as a chef and is pursuing culinary school to further his culinary education.

On TV shows like “Cutthroat Kitchen” and “Chopped” we’ve seen world class chefs go head-to-head in cooking battles; we’ve seen top dishes made by “Iron Chef America”, and great recipes by “America’s Test Kitchen.” However, what many Benilde-St. Margaret’s students may not know is that we have our very own chef walking our halls.

Senior Lukas Freund is an aspiring chef who lives and breathes a passion for cooking. Freund’s favorite meal to make is scrambled eggs, while his best dish is pasta. From cooking meals every other night at home to working two jobs as a chef at Sunny’s Cafe and Chef Shack Ranch, Freund is on the track to success in the culinary world.

From a young age, Freund knew the kitchen was for him. He found his longstanding passion for the culinary arts through his father. “My dad always cooked for me in the mornings. I liked his cooking and wanted to learn how to do it,” Freund said.

I’m excited, especially for cooking everyday. I like getting up at 5 am and working until 10 pm. That kind of thing excites me.”

— Lukas Freund

Freund plans to take his passion to the next level by attending culinary school after BSM. Freund’s goal is to attend The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in New York. He plans to earn his arts degree (which is obtained after two years of school) and then stay for another two years to earn his bachelor’s degree in either Culinary Science or Business Management. Like many colleges, the application process for CIA is a lot of work. “They have an application, with three typed up papers, and a recommendation from either your chef or someone that knows your passion for food,” Freund said.

After culinary school, Freund plans to take his skill set and put it to the test by staying in the culinary city that is New York. Freund has a strong work ethic and enjoys working day in and day out on his cooking skills. That ability will help him reach his end goal which is to eventually open up his own restaurant.

Though both Freund and other students are cramming to finish up deadlines for applications, most BSM students go a different direction than Freund. Even among the diverse plans of members of the senior class, whether those be attending college, taking a gap year for travel or work, to taking a year off to pursue junior hockey, the routes BSM students usually take differ greatly from Freund’s unique career aspirations. Few students have decided on majors or colleges, let alone a career.

The route Freund has chosen deviates from the typical BSM path of a traditional four-year college. But with Freund’s hard work, determination, and love for his art, his passion will guide him to great things. “I’m excited, especially for cooking everyday. I like getting up at 5 am and working until 10 pm. That kind of thing excites me,” Freund said.