BSM family won Red Knight car in auction raffle


Lauren Beh

A similar car was available in a previous year for an auction. This year, the Clacko family won this car.

Mary Youngblut, Staff Writer

The family of junior Kyle Clacko won this bright red car with a removable knight sticker in a raffle at the A Knight for All Seasons Auction, which took place November 12. The car was then sent to be cleaned up before they received it.

The car was anonymously donated specifically for the auction. This was the second year there has been a car available at the auction. The car sat in front of the school for a few weeks before finding its owner at the auction.

The Clacko family didn’t plan on getting a car that night, so it was a big surprise for everyone. “I had no idea until I got home that we won the car, and I was just really astonished that we won,” Clacko said.

The family isn’t sure what they will do with the car since they didn’t intend to win it. “[My parents] just bid on it to support the auction and maybe get lucky. We don’t have a need for the car,” Clacko said.