Free things on Halloween

Nathanael Ashton-Piper, Staff Writer

Halloween is a magical time of year. For kids, the plentiful amounts of free candy turns dreams into reality, but for adolescents and adults, trick-or-treating is a thing of the past; thus, the Halloween tradition slowly fades. But fear not; there are still activities and deals around Halloween that don’t include candy, and here are the best.

  1. Chipotle – Everyone loves it, and you’ll love it even more on Halloween. Get a three dollar burrito/bowl from 5pm to close if you come in costume while wearing something completely unrelated – we like to think that means a pantsuit, toupee, and an awful spray tan.
  2. Burger Jones – Bring in a child under twelve and they can indulge on a succulent burger with some government cheese completely free, but you can’t – what a deal!
  3. Papa John’s – Better ingredients, better pizza, and a BOGO on large and extra-large pizzas all October until Halloween eve. Papa’s in the house all October, so don’t eat it any other time.
  4. Wendy’s – purchase a coupon book for one dollar you’ll get either five or ten coupons for Wendy’s famous frosty treats. Additionally, they’ll donate 85 cents to the Dave Thomas Adoption Foundation. Not sure who would want that much Wendy’s ice cream, but at least it goes to a good cause.
  5. Sonic – Sonic is hooking you up with some better-than-Taher quality corn dogs – and they’re just 50 cents. Couple those with basically anything else at Sonic, and you are definitely an American.
  6. Olive Garden – Assuming you’re not twelve, bring your younger sibling to the land of olives for a one dollar kids meal with the purchase of an adult meal. Be sure not to leave until you’ve consumed at least six baskets of unlimited breadsticks, because why wouldn’t you.
  7. Sbarro – While in costume, head over to—the only place to find a Sbarro, your local mall’s food court—and get a free slice of oversized fast food pizza with any five dollar purchase.
  8. Chuck E. Cheese’s – Who doesn’t love Chuck E. Cheese’s? Everyone’s favorite childhood birthday party spot is offering everyone—yes that means even you arcade loving adults—fifty tickets per day now through Halloween. Even though parents will throw puzzling looks your way, Chuck E’s bear hugs don’t discriminate.
  9. Dunn Bros Coffee – Since you’re in Minnesota, head over to Dunn Bros for the first time in your life for free hot chocolate. Sound too simple? You’re right, you’ll have to be in costume, so at least you don’t have to show your true, betraying Caribou-self.
  10. Famous Dave’s – When you think of Famous Dave’s, you probably think of their famous Sweet and Sassy barbecue sauce, right? Well, completely unrelated, but it doesn’t get any better than this: get a free pumpkin when you order their All-American BBQ Feast. Famous Dave’s is anticipating a real pumpkin-loving crowd this year, so hurry while supplies last.