BSM Junior High Student Council hosts shoe drive


Photo courtesy of Amy Jo Hyde

Junior High students unload bags of collected shoes.

Claudia Elsenbast and Chris Jones

Inspired with the theme “Solving Problems that Matter,” the BSM Faculty held its first Shoe Drive. The drive lasted for three weeks in early January and collected an incredible amount of 350 pairs of shoes. The people who ran the drive graciously accepted all types of shoes, but preferred athletic shoes.

The shoe drive went to benefit an organization called “World Soles.” World Soles takes shoes from affluent communities and transports them to Cameroon. With 40% of the population of Cameroon living in poverty, people from Cameroon are very gracious for the donations. “World Soles actually pays groups $12 for each bag of shoes. We decided to donate any money raised back to World Soles to help support their mission,” French teacher Amy Jo Hyde said.

The drive was inspired by a BSM Junior High parent who had come across the organization and their mission. The shoe drive was a major success with not only the Junior High Student Council gaining experience, but also with the major help given to those in Cameroon.