All three Wolfe brothers push each other on the Wrestling team


Mary Hoyt and Ashley Ortizcazarin

Pictured (from left to right): Henry, George, and Charlie. All three brothers are on the Wrestling team this season.

Payton Miller, Staff Writer

Peyton and Eli Manning.  Venus and Serena Williams.  When you think of siblings in sports, these are just two of the brother and sister combos that come to mind.  However, rarely do you see three involved, and it is even more uncommon to see them all on the same team. However, the Wolfes––Charlie, Henry, and George––are three brothers that are close enough in age to all be able to compete for the BSM wrestling team.

Charlie is the oldest of the bunch and is currently a senior, having first started wrestling as a sophomore. Henry is a sophomore right now, and he started to wrestle as a freshman.  The Wolfes have all been involved in sports for their whole lives, and wrestling is the most recent one.  “This is my first year wrestling,” George, the youngest of the three said.

They have been involved in many other sports.  “I’ve played football [for] four years, basketball [in] 7th, 8th, and 9th grade, baseball freshman and sophomore year, and golf the past two years,” Charlie said.

Henry has also played basketball, baseball, and football, while George has played football, baseball, and basketball.  Even though they all have experience in multiple sports, this is the first time that all three have been on the same team. “I’ve played with both of them in little league baseball and I was technically on the same team as Charlie for football,” Henry said.

There is a much different bond when you are wrestling with your brother than with someone else.  “I would say that I push them a little bit harder than everyone else, especially ’cause Hank is my practice partner.  I just try to make sure that they are working harder than everyone else,” Charlie said.

As the season comes to a close, there are a lot of expectations for what they can do individually and as a team.  “As a team, I think that we are seeded fourth in our section, so hopefully we can go out there and have a good showing, wrestle hard, and hopefully we can get to the semis versus TG and have a good match with them.  Individually, I would like to get to State, and hopefully win a match or two there,” Charlie said.

Henry shared similar goals with Charlie.  “Individually, my goal right now is to get my practice partner to State and hopefully he can win some matches there,” Henry said. If one thing is certain, the bond between these three brothers is strong and hopefully it gets one of them to State.