Pro-life students discuss and react to important issues

Interested in promoting the Catholic Social Teaching of dignity for all life, members of Students for Human Life find ways to integrate their beliefs into discussions and impact their community.


Sisay Shannon-Tamrat

Theology teacher Mr. Brounstein facilitates discussions among students about the dignity of life.

Grace Gyolai, Staff Writer

Catholic social teaching highlights the sanctity of human life, and at BSM, a group of students and their advisor, theology teacher Mr. Mathew Brounstein, express their support of this controversial topic by continuing BSM’s Students for Human Life club.

The club meets every first and third Friday of the month at 7:15am to discuss current issues, plan future events, and create an environment where students can make a difference about the very heated topic surrounding life concerns.

When thinking about the importance of supporting life, society tend to focus on abortion specifically, but that isn’t the only matter the Students for Human Life is concerned about. “We do focus a lot on abortion, but it’s any life issue…death penalty, end of life issues, anything where someone could end up losing their life,” Brounstein said.

Every meeting will lead up to bigger events and projects that the club is currently planning, but the group’s main focus isn’t scheduling future activities. “We start with prayer, discuss current issues, and we have a couple different events that we are going to be planning for,” Brounstein said.

Students for Human Life wants to make a real impact inside and outside of BSM’s walls. The club plans to attend events in the Twin Cities and eventually national gatherings. “We want to send people to the March for Life in the capital [St. Paul], we have a prayer service, we help out at Crisis Pregnancy Center, we are going to try to fundraise for the national March for Life [Washington D.C] next year that over 5,000 people go to,” Brounstein said.

By working with local organizations and informing students and staff members at BSM, Students for Human Life has the opportunity to explore a variety of problems that they are passionate about. “I’m in the club, yes because I’m Catholic, but also because I genuinely believe in it,” sophomore and club member Alexa Reynders said.

Members of the club are able to express a passion that they already possess, or even develop their own beliefs regarding human life. “I would say for long time I really just thought this was true because my parents taught me, but at a certain point I had to actually believe it. In fact, my parents didn’t even know about the club here, I was the one who got involved. I don’t know when it happened, but it had to become a personal choice, and I’ve made the choice to believe in the dignity of life,” sophomore and club member Gabriel Bauer said.

The Students for Human Life Club has already begun their meetings for the year but they are welcoming of any new members who are interested in joining. “Come and check us out. It doesn’t mean that if you go the meeting you automatically have to join, but it’s definitely worth coming to. I think people can find something that they’re passionate about and make a difference,” Brounstein said.