Little Knights big hit at Christmas Liturgy


Photo courtesy of Tiffany Joseph

The Little Knights performed two different Christmas songs to kick-off the after-liturgy celebration.

Lucian Parece, Staff Writer

The Great Hall was packed like a tin of sardines, the crowd was cheering at dangerously loud decibels, applause erupted from every set of hands at BSM, but the Little Knights remained cool, collected, and unphased as they delivered the best live vocal performance of the twenty-first century.

Opening their set with “Baby Jesus We Love You,” the Little Knights stunned the student body with their golden pipes. We all knew this song would be a hit when wildcard Felix Joseph began to make grabs for the mic. Ms. Shea’s daughter, Amelia, apparently wanted the solo as well, and a playful shoving match ensued. Elder Felix emerged victorious, palming the mic to exclaim, “Jesus we love you!” This was followed by a resounding “Awww” from every present member of the BSM community. Through tears, Amelia finished the song, ecstatic for her friend, or jealous of his newfound fame.

Next our Little Knights performed the classic “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” More microphone jostling was a highlight, this time to make sure it was in the optimal position for maximum acoustics. This much shorter song was over before the audience knew what hit them. Though we were all disappointed that the show was finished, the audience bid the performers a warm farewell in the form of a large ovation.

We all love the Little Knights; the highlight of our days is seeing them wander the hallway and hear their screams while they play outside. Well, maybe not the second one. In any event, we will enjoyed their singing and cannot wait to see them next year. Merry Christmas!