Junior selected to perform at nation-wide Catholic youth conference


Photo courtesy of Carrie Bather

Junior Carrie Bather sang in front of 25,000 people at NCYC.

Christopher Jones, Staff Writer

BSM prides itself in students that take their Catholic faith out of their religion classes. Junior Carrie Bather traveled to Indianapolis to sing and dance at the National Catholic Youth Conference, or NCYC, after applying to be a part of the 2015 conference last spring. She was selected to be an animator.

This summer, during the month of July, Bather traveled to Indianapolis for a weekend in order to train for this conference. During that weekend, she learned all the required dancing and singing for the conference. As an animator, she brought the readings and songs alive with various artists from around the country.   

NCYC is known for incorporating one’s relationship with God and relating it to almost anything. The conference is meant to bring Catholic youth from all walks of life, from anywhere in the United States, to Indianapolis for three days. At the conference, teenagers went to mass, keynote presentations, prayer sessions, and faith-based workshops. In addition to these activities, attendees participated in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Adoration was also available. Various Christian artists performed concerts during the three days as well.    

The conference attracts youth from all over the country. It took place at Lucas Oil Stadium which was completely transformed to accommodate the event. There was a stage in the middle of the arena where Bather and other animators performed. What was unique about Bather’s experience was that she had the opportunity to perform a solo in front of the audience. “I sang a solo in front of about 25,000 people, which was pretty cool,” Bather said.  

Although she loved the memories she had of performing, the thing Bather will miss the most are all of her new friends: “I would have to say being surrounded by the other enthusiastic 40 animators had the biggest impact on me,” Bather said. The fact that all of the teenagers were there to perform and to celebrate their faith stuck with Bather. “All of us wanted to be there and we were all so passionate about music and our faith. I made friendships that will definitely last a lifetime,” Bather said.