Freshman student council raising money through annual candy cane grams


Elle Ryan

The freshman student council is raising money by selling candy cane grams.

Molly Keady, Staff Writer

This week, freshman class officers set up tables in the Commons to carry out the annual tradition of selling candy cane grams. The freshman student council members hope to raise money that they can use for their class account which will help them fund upcoming school events. Their goal is to not only raise money, but spread christmas spirit around the BSM community. “We’re here to spread Christmas cheer,” freshman vice president Mary Youngblut said.

Candy cane grams allow students to write a meaningful message to a friend with a candy cane attached. Each gram will cost fifty cents, or you can purchase three for a dollar. So if you’re in a festive mood and want to send a candy cane to your friends, the booth will remain open during all lunches through December 10th in the Commons. The grams will then be addressed to the recipient’s homeroom and distributed on December 15.