Seventh graders work on gardens at Beth El Synagogue


Katie Ercolani

BSM seventh graders were excited to grow fresh produce to donate to STEP.

James Libbey, Staff Writer

This past week, seventh graders in the BSM junior high prepared gardens outside the junior high and at Beth El Synagogue. In the spring, they will grow plants in these beds that will be used for produce next fall.

This gardening event began last year when the current eighth graders worked with Beth El to plant a community garden. They harvested over 350 pounds of fresh produce that they then donated to the STEP food shelf.

Because of the previous year’s success, this year’s seventh graders created beds for planting in the courtyard between the junior high and north building as well. This produce grown on campus will be used for more than donations; it may also be used for other purposes such as the senior high’s cooking wellness classes or to supplement the food Taher uses for school lunches.

Mr. Josh Belanger, a junior high Literature and Life-Skills teacher who is coordinating this event, hopes for further success of the garden. In the future, this gardening program could grow to be a larger part of the school through a five-year plan that will end with greenhouses on campus where students could garden year-round. “If we can keep on having success and excitement around [the gardening] we can keep going forward,” Belanger said.