Revived national history club holds its first meeting


Keenan Schember

Unlike history class, the National History Club discusses the history of random topics, like soda, at the meetings.

Katie Hansen, Staff Writer

For the 2015-2016 school year, Adam Eldred is the president of the National History Club, and is planning the meetings and the club’s focus for this year. “This club was started when alumni Andy Hudlow and Megan Haakonson wrote a constitution for the club, and we are just continuing their constitution,” Eldred said.

He decided to bring back this club because he wanted to cultivate an appreciation for history. “It’s awesome when a group of people have a genuine love for history, and it’s very fun,” Eldred said.

This year they do not have many activities planned, but instead are focusing on the presentations in their meetings. “[Usually every other Friday], we meet in the library conference room and one or two people present on whatever [topic] they want to. They can do any form of a presentation or performance,” Eldred said.

It’s laid back, it’s enlightening, and it gives you a fuller picture of humanity.

— National History Club president, Adam Eldred

This club is for anyone who is fascinated by history and people who want to learn more. They meet every other Friday morning, and are welcome to anyone wanting to join. “[The group is for] people who are interested in history and want to talk about it with other people,” Eldred said.

Every meeting, a member of the club teaches the other students about the history of any topic, making the History Club a way to learn something new and discover more about something you never knew about. “It’s really fun and it’s a good way to start to the day, and it’s really interesting. You feel wiser afterwards. It’s laid back, it’s enlightening, and it gives you a fuller picture of humanity,” Eldred said.

This year’s goals for the History Club are to get the club noticed by more people and make the club more known to the student body. “Last year we only met once a month, so this year we want to meet more frequently and get more underclassmen involved who are interested,” Eldred said.