Police officer is welcomed to BSM staff


Sarah Letscher

Officer Aaron Balvin is excited to be a part of the BSM community.

Mark Racchini, Staff Writer

The city of St. Louis Park applied for a federal grant that would offer the local private schools in the city limits their own liaison officer. The city was awarded the grant, allowing them to hire Officer Aaron Balvin to take up this role. After sharing an officer with the St. Louis Park Senior high in the past, Officer Balvin comes to BSM.

Officer Balvin was not always set on the path of being a cop. Officer Balvin was born and raised in Minnesota, graduating from Maple Grove high school, where law enforcement sparked his interest. However, it was not until after graduating with a finance and Human resource degree from Bethel University that he chose to finally pursue his interest in Law enforcement.

After becoming a certified police officer, Officer Balvin was hired by the St. Louis Park Police Department to serve as a full time law enforcement officer. He enjoyed his work at the police station for over ten years. “I like the different opportunities I have had in the city and a lot of the different roles I have done,” Officer Balvin said. In Officer Balvin’s tenth year, he applied for the liaison police officer position and was hired.

The St. Louis Park Police Station asked Benilde-St. Margaret’s if they felt there was a need for this position after writing the federal grant. “They approached us after they had written the grant in hopes of getting it and asked if we could put that to use,” assistant principal Ms. Mary Anderson said.

Officer Balvin will spend about half of his time in the BSM halls, while the other half of his time will be shared among Holy Family, Groves Academy, and the Jewish Community Center. Benilde-St. Margaret’s has never had any problems with safety. However, with the increase of school violence in today’s society, it is good to have an officer on site. “There has never been any issues or concerns with BSM needing an officer, but now that we have more resources available, the city chose to have more staff here,” Officer Balvin said.

BSM’s connection with Officer Balvin will strengthen the relationship between BSM and the city’s police department. “It adds a closer relationship to the city of St. Louis Park’s Police Department, giving us efficient turn around to problems we have,” Anderson said.

He has enjoyed the welcoming community of BSM and wants to continue to get to know people. Rather than just being seen as a law enforcer, though, Officer Balvin wishes to be seen as another resource. “My job here is to be a resource for the staff and students ,and I am excited to be here. Whenever I’m here my door is open, feel free to stop by and say hi,” Officer Balvin said.