Five SLP Flyers selected for All-Star team

Isaac Hogen, Staff Writer

Five BSM seniors were chosen to participate in the 2015 Junior Gold All Star Game. The five seniors– Matt Arnason, Blake Castaneda, Eddie McHugh, Matt Knuth, and Conor Deterding– spent the winter sports season playing hockey for the St. Louis Flyers.

The game took place on Wednesday, March 18th at the Coon Rapids Ice Arena. “I’m definitely wasn’t looking forward to have to go to Coon Rapids. I hate that city,” Deterding said.

In order to decide teams, the Junior Gold league was split into two even sections called Maroon and Gold; the Flyers are part of the Maroon section. The players were chosen as All-Stars through a series of nominations. Each team nominates their own players that they think played at a high enough level to compete in the All-Star game. Afterwards, the head coaches went through the players that have been nominated and decided on the players that they think deserved the honor of being named a Junior Gold All-Star.

Although the Flyers’ season came to an abrupt and unwelcome finish in the state tournament, the All-Star games give players a chance to skate in one more game without having to without having to worry about the score. “It was fun to not have to play defense at all, and just have a good time because no one out on the ice is going to be taking it too seriously,” Deterding said.