World Culture Week kicks off successfully


Kate Brask

AP Spanish students shared their Latin American desserts with their classmates.

Emma Bird, Staff Writer

World Culture Week started out with a bang with multiple celebrations. Sophomore Anna Luong won the world language essay contest, and AP Spanish classes completed projects about Latin American culture.

Luong wrote her winning essay on the many opportunities one gains after learning a new language. “You can travel and talk to more people throughout the world and make yourself more worldly,” Luong said.

AP Spanish students were assigned a project where they had to make and inform others about Latin American desserts. “We did a project where we had to make a desert, a poster board to go with it, and a movie about how we made it,” junior Lauren Goldstein said.

Spanish teacher Mary Murray found a way to incorporate what students were learning in Spanish with World Language Week, mixing the AP themes of beauty and life with Latin American culture. “It was an excellent celebration to kick off this week. What better way to celebrate culture than with making food,” Murray said.