Class of 2015 honors nine valedictorians


Chase Mouser

The class of 2015 is honoring nine valedictorians, all of whom have kept a 4.0 GPA throughout their high school careers.

Libby Grygar, Staff Writer

The class of 2015 has a record-breaking nine valedictorians. Over the weekend of February 20-22 the valedictorians and their families were alerted of this great achievement.

The valedictorians are Sarah Karels, Jacqui Theisen, Hannah Scherer, Kate Sprenger, Maddy Kahle, Patrick Hunter, Maggie Conry, Claire Kalb, and Maureen Desmond. Among these impressive academic scholars are the captains and presidents of various BSM sports teams and clubs.

The salutatorians are Jackie Lawyer and Matt Arnason. Becoming a valedictorian is no easy feat. The difference between a valedictorian and a salutatorian is a valedictorian has received all A’s throughout their high school academic career and a salutatorian has received one A-.

“I remember as a freshman the people that were valedictorians and I never thought that could possibly be me. It’s such an honor and privilege. I’m proud of the other valedictorians and salutatorians to share this honor with them. Overall I’m just very happy to have achieved this,” valedictorian Kate Sprenger said.