8 Signs the Senior Slide is All Too Real

Isaac Hogen, Staff Writer

1. The grades start to drop. 

Your motivation is at an all-time low, your academic standards have dropped significantly, and getting all A’s doesn’t seem as important anymore.


2. Your backpack becomes significantly lighter.

Underclassmen can be seen walking the halls nearly crumpling under the weight of their book bags, but you’ve hit the point where you are only bringing your laptop home, and sometimes, not even that.


3. You spend more time in the hallways than you do in the classroom.

You ask to go to the bathroom as soon as the bell rings every class, and then coincidentally need to get something from your locker ten minutes later. At this point, satisfying your craving for Taher cookies is more important than your math lesson.


4. You can’t remember the last time you did homework at home.

You finish all of your homework…as the teacher is walking around the room checking it.


5. The bell is more of a reminder than a rule.

Throughout the freshman hallway, 14 and 15-year-olds can be spotted sprinting frantically to their next class as they try to beat the bell, but you saunter into your classes a few minutes late every day.


6. You have an informal nap time during the day.

You use your fifth hour class as a time to catch a quick power nap so consistently that you get cranky if you actually have to do some work.


7. You don’t know what the warning bell sounds like.

In fact, you can’t recall the last time you walked into first hour on time.


8. You log into Netflix more than Haiku. 

You could see what homework you’re assigned, but I’m sure you would much rather catch up on the latest season of “How I Met Your Mother.” Second semester is Legen…wait for it…dary.