Religion students work to create peace

Tommy McGinn, Staff Writer

In the past week, Ms. Michelle LeBlanc’s religion classes have been writing and exchanging letters to kids in Uganda as part of the Create Peace Project as a way of sharing peace to kids in other countries that may not be peaceful.

Ms. LeBlanc decided to do this when she heard about this idea from other teachers at BSM.  “The Art Department invited me to do the project, which is kind of cool at BSM how we collaborate with different departments,” LeBlanc said.

The religion classes wanted to do this as a way for the high schoolers to spread hope to other kids in different parts of the world who need a good message.  “Children ages 8 to 18 make simple cards with their notions of peace and so it is just one small way that youth from across the globe can mutually exchange signs for peace,” LeBlanc said.  “It also gives kids that are in war torn countries hope that other people are acknowledging their desperate situation.”

She brought it to the classroom because she thought that it would be a great experience to bring other experiences into religion class.  “I thought it was a great idea.  Anything that has to do with cross cultural experiences I like to offer to my students and I also believe that art and theology is a cool combination,” LeBlanc said.

In addition to this being a great learning experience for the students, LeBlanc notes that they also seemed to very engaged while making and decorating the cards.  “You can tell as a teacher when your students are having a good time,” she said.  “We can utilize every minute, [so] I knew they were having fun.”

Now the anticipation awaits students, as the day will soon come when the kids to Uganda write back to the letters of the BSM students.  “We are waiting for our cards to reach Uganda and in turn Ugandan cards to reach us, [and] that will be a happy day when we get our cards,” LeBlanc said.