Faculty and staff participate in annual retreat

Darragh Cutter, Staff Writer

On Friday, January 30th, BSM faculty and staff participated in the annual faculty and staff retreat. “It’s always a positive thing to reflect back on what it is that we do here. Often, teachers don’t get a chance to be with other teachers and see the bigger picture. It was nice and I really enjoyed stepping back and seeing the bigger picture of what were doing here as a Catholic community,” said business education teacher Mr. John Sabol.

Teachers met in both small and large groups, with time for discussion and prayer, to reflect on their work and gain insight from each other. “It’s always cool to hear some of the more veteran teachers talk about how they fell in love with their job. There were group speakers, one was Mr. Pohlen, who talked about his time in the Holy Land, and it was just a really good experience. You get to see and talk to teachers you usually don’t get to,” said Mr. Sabol.