Phone lines temporarily down due to router issue


Bella Szarzynski

Students were unable to use the main phone lines this morning, but with the help of professionals, the problem was solved before midday.

Emma Johnston, Staff Writer

Beginning yesterday and into this morning, BSM phone lines were down due to an issue with the router. When the problem could not be easily solved by some of BSM’s best technology workers, professionals were called to fix the issue. “We brought in engineers first thing in the morning,” Senior High Principal Dr. Sue Skinner said.

But, though the official phone lines are down, BSM did not become disconnected during the duration of the technological issue. “What we do when that happens is that we can reroute our phone number to a cell phone. So if someone called in the middle of the night, or even this morning, it rang on somebody’s cell phone,” Dr. Skinner said.

Nicholas Gamache, BSM’s technology manager explained that BSM can contact the phone line and have them temporarily reroute the BSM phone number to a cell phone, with available connections to specific parts of the office. “So Dr. Sue Skinner had all of the calls to the school coming in through her cell phone this morning,” Gamache said.