The Faux Glasses Trend


Molly Flannery

Senior Hanna Anderson sports her chic glasses at school.

Morgan Matson, Writer

Glasses have always seemed to be a symbol of nerdiness, only worn by unfashionable professionals. This season, however, glasses have transformed into the up and coming trend, worn without prescription. Glasses have been crafted for the edgy, smart, hipster or preppy, and are just as much a fashion accessory as a medical necessity.

Students at BSM sport both faux and authentic glasses. Senior Alix Diaferio decided to wear faux glasses to feel scholarly. “I wear them because they help me get into a studious state of mind when I study and take tests,” Diaferio said. Diaferio believes that with specific outfits glasses can complement the wardrobe.

Senior Stephanie Galvin has worn her prescription glasses since seventh grade, and only wears them when they enhance her outfit. Generally, she wears contacts, because they are easier and more comfortable to use. “I don’t understand why people would wear glasses if they don’t have to. They are just a hassle, and can be uncomfortable,” Galvin said.

Although she doesn’t always coincide with the faux-glasses trend, Galvin believes that some lenses create self assurance. “Sometimes glasses can be really unfortunate looking. But other times, glasses are made to make people feel confident, which I think is really cool,” Galvin said.

New trendy eyeglass styles include the “Instagram Look,” the “Mathematical Look,” the “Garden Look,” and the “Aquatic Look.”

The “Instagram Look” was inspired by previous decades fashion, and offers a throwback appearance. This style is perfect for those who want to look hipster, and aspire to dress outside of the box.

The “Mathematical Look” accentuates intelligence, and provides a preppy, sophisticated look. Sophomore Bergen Flom models the essence of this trend and loves her glasses. “I like that they fit really well with my face. They make me more focused when I wear them,” Flom said. 

On the other hand, when a brighter, independent look is necessary, the “Garden Look” is perfect. The style uses earthy greens and vibrant pinks to enhance the coloring of the glasses. It provides a dazzlingly exotic, modern look for those who want to be fashion forward.

For those who wish they were at the beach everyday, the “Aquatic Look” will fulfill that need. Inspired by the ocean, this look includes vibrant blues, turquoises and teals. The lenses include clear frames and minimalism to exemplify water. This trend brings the beach look home.