BSM alumni visit to share experiences at the Naval Academy and ROTC programs


Kendel Malcolm

Carter Burn and Peter Watkins spoke to students in the College and Career Center.

Matt Arnason, Staff Writer

BSM Alumni Carter Burn and Peter Watkins returned to BSM on Friday Dec, 19 to discuss their first semester involved with the US Military. Carter Burn is enrolled in the United States Naval Academy and Peter Watkins is a member of the Reserve Officer Training Corps at Iowa State University. The two explained the complicated admissions process to both the Naval Academy and ROTC. They talked about the different courses they take as well as the student life in college. Burn and Watkins both covered the different options students have to directly be involved in the military during and after enrollment. “I wanted to be able to assist anyone who is interested in the Academy in the admissions process and help them with any questions regarding life at the Academy. I wanted to be a recognizable face to anyone who was interested in the military and college opportunities that the military offers,” said Burn.