Students honored for their character at ceremony


Shannon O'Connor

President Dr. Kevin Gyolai spoke at the beginning of the ceremony to the honorees and their families.

Morgan Matson, Staff Writer

The BSM Student Recognition Award honors students who show kindness, leadership, and consideration for others in the classroom. Tonight, BSM honored those students. Students were mailed a letter, telling them that they received the award, not because of academics or athletics, but because of their kindness and giving personalities that BSM looks for in all students.

Senior High teacher, Mr. Pauly, has nominated students numerous times for this award. “There are awards for academics, athletics and volunteerism, but there aren’t many awards for character. This award honors those students who exemplify leadership and general kindness towards others,” Pauly said.

He looks for students who show leadership, and come to school with a positive light. “I choose students by observing their daily behavior; I look for patterns of a student just being good and kind. Also of students who take their time to think and care for others,” Pauly said.

Sophomore Frankie Vochko will be receiving an award, and said she is honored to be recognized. “I am super excited. I have seen these events before, and I have never been apart of it. So, its really honoring to be recognized.” The students also don’t know who nominates them until the day of the ceremony. “We don’t know who nominated us, so it will be fun to know what teacher did,” Vochko said.