Sacred Tuesday to take place in homerooms weekly


Shannon O'Connor

Students listen to announcements and morning prayer during homeroom daily.

Tommy Borin, Staff Writer

For students, homeroom is a time of the day to relax, listen to the announcements, and finish up and print any last minute assignments; what many students are unaware of is the fact that tuesday homeroom is “sacred” at BSM. Teachers are not supposed to allow students to leave the classroom. “You aren’t supposed to be called out of homeroom on Tuesday. Its the one day a week that everyone is supposed to stay and chill in homeroom. It’s not sacred in a holy way, but in the sense of the word as you can’t violate it- no religious connotation at all,” Dan Bowler, senior high math and homeroom teacher, said.

This was implemented to give students a time to slow down before the day ahead of them. However, most students are actually unaware of this rule. “I was unaware that sacred tuesday existed at BSM. Homeroom is the same every day of the week. I usually use it to print any assignments for the day,” senior Keara Clacko said. Administration hopes that the trend of “Sacred Tuesdays” will grow as the year goes on.